The surgery went well and Aria is back up in the NICU! They left her breathing tube in so she can wake up slowly but they feel like they will be able to take it out once she fully wakes up.

They were able to slightly shrink her choroid plexus, part of the brain that produces cerebrospinal fluid, which should slow down the rate of fluid accumulation. They weren’t able to do the endoscopic third ventriculostomy (the part of the surgery that would create a pathway in her brain for the fluid to drain) since things are so compressed. They felt that it was too close to the parts of her brain that look good and therefore too risky. We were hoping it would work but we are thankful for their wisdom in choosing not to do it so she wouldn’t be put at more risk!

The neurosurgeon said she was able to get a better view of Aria’s brain anatomy but still not enough to tell us anything definite. We’ve gotten so much conflicting information so far about things that aren’t definite, so I am very thankful for this doctor who is willing to wait to give us info until she has proof!

They inserted the reservoir and removed some fluid so hopefully that will help her feel a little better. They will take an MRI tonight just to make sure everything is ok and will gradually remove more fluid over the coming days. By next week they should hopefully be able to do another MRI to see how her brain is responding to the reduced fluid, but it could be weeks before they are able to give us a diagnosis and solution. In the meantime we just have to be patient and trust that God has it all under control!

2 thoughts on “Surgery Is Complete!

  1. Reading your blog, I’m sitting here with tears rolling down my face. You are so honest with your thoughts, feelings, and heart. You so beautifully express yourself and so willingly keep all of us up to date in giving us details of Aria’s progress. Matt and your journey has not been an easy one but your trust in God has been steady and strong which is so commended. Life so often is taken for granted of course as long as everything goes well but what happens when things take a turn and go unexpected. You are truly honored by our Lord and all who care and love you. We feel honored you have shared so openly with us. We continue to uphold your “Lion of God” in prayer as well as both of you and extended families. We are one in spirit! We love you deeply.


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